The starting salary of school nurses in the US is estimated around $19,222 per year. Average annual salary of these professionals ranges from $24,683 to $63,014 per year. If you acquire a few years experience, you can earn around $56,725 per year. Average hourly wage ranges from $11.38 to $31.00. As a school nurse, you can enjoy competitive salaries, benefits and work on flexible hours.

School Nurse Job Description

If you are planning to work as a nurse in schools, you must work closely with school administrators for creating a favorable learning environment, which is capable of meeting the emotional, mental and physical needs of students. You are responsible for identifying and guaranteeing people with communicable diseases. You are also responsible for providing health counseling and nursing care to students and staff. You must be able to identify people with disabilities, illnesses and mental conditions such as autism spectrum disorders and ADHD. You have greater role in the development of curriculum as well. You must be able to associate with educators to develop appropriate learning standards for physical and health education programs. You will be a valued member in educational team. Therefore, you must create a collegial relationship with administrators, teachers and community stakeholders. When students are in emotional stress, they express it in the form of illnesses. So, nurses who work in schools must be able to identify stresses and conflicts that affect school life. They must also develop programs to improve social and emotional well-being of students.

How to Become a School Nurse

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Registered nurses can become a certified school nurse. However, you must be certified by NBCSN (National Board for Certification of School Nurses). In order to obtain NBCSN, you must have at least a bachelor degree in nursing. BSN programs include course work in nutrition, sciences, psychology, health assessment, critical thinking and leadership. You can also accept a number of other majors in health field such as biochemistry, counseling, health education, chemistry, social work and nutrition. If you have an associate or bachelor degree in nursing, you can appear for NCLEX-RN exam. National Council of State Boards of Nursing developed the licensure exam, which covers a number of nursing topics. In order to appear for NBCSN exam, you must acquire minimum 1000 hours of clinical experience. You can renew your certification by continuing education.

Duties of School Nurse

* Raise awareness of issues, which influence the health of students negatively
* Promote healthy living that include safe-sex education
* Administer vaccinations and immunizations
* Carryout developmental screening
* Support children with medical needs such as diabetes, asthma, mental health or epilepsy problems
* Provide training to teachers on health related issues
* Advise teachers on school health policy
* Contribute to citizenship classes and social education
* Health promotion and disease prevention
* Conduct individual student health counseling

How much does a School Nurse Make?

The median salary of school nurses as per Payscale is around $42,130 per year. The average hourly salary of these professionals ranges from $11.38 to $31.00.

School Nurse Salary in USA

The starting salary of school nurses in the United States is around $23,773 per year. Your salary will also increase depending on the years of experience. If you have 5-9 years of experience, you can earn around $56,725 per year. If you have more than one year and less than 4 years of experience, your salary will be around $19,322 to $60,930 per year. Your average yearly remuneration may range from $29,644 to $56,725 if you have up to 8 years of experience. If you have more than 20 years of experience, your salary may range from $28,855 to $71,411 per year. Besides, you can also earn around $500 as bonus. You are also eligible for getting around $28,841 for sick leave, $28,894 for paid vacation, $29,080 for life insurance or disability, $24,658 for company pension plan, $27,991 for certification reimbursement.

School Nurse Salary by State

The average annual salary of school nurses depends on a number of factors and it varies accordingly. Some of such factors are industry, location, company size, level of education and experience. Here is a list of salaries of nurses in schools prevailing in some states in the United States.

• Alabama : $67,000
• Alaska : $47,000
• Arizona : $55,000
• Arkansas : $68,000
• California :$71,000
• Colorado : $59,000
• Connecticut :$77,000
• Delaware : $58,000
• Washington, DC : $83,000
• Florida : $62,000

School Nurse Salary in Canada

If you are working in Edmonton Canada, your median annual salary will be around C$38,018 per year. According to the 10th percentile, the yearly salary of all school nurses is around C$23,410 per year. These professionals earned C$30,372 per year as per the 25th percentile. The take home salary as per 75th percentile is around C$47,991 per year. The professionals received around C$57,072 per year according to 90th percentile. Just like other countries, the salaries of these nursing professionals also vary as per various factors.

School Nurse Salary in UK

Nurses in school with managerial responsibilities can earn up to £33,500 per year. If you acquire a few years’ experience, you can earn around £39,300 per year. If you work with a good employer, you can earn more. Community trust, primary care trust, local health authority, etc can pay more salary. The average annual income of these professionals in the UK ranges from £21,173 to £28,614 per year. The median salary is around £22,061 per year.

School Nurse Salary in Australia

Those who work in Australia can earn between AU$35,355 to AU$78,927 per year. The average median salary is around AU$50,000 per year. Besides, you can earn between AU$972 to AU$59,806 per year as bonus. The average hourly rate of professionals who work in this country ranges from AU$25.07 to AU$39.73.

School Nurse Job Outlook

As a school nurse, you can work in private, public, early childhood, alternative and vocational schools across the United States. You can also seek employment in department of defense schools or international schools. Mostly, you need to spend your time in school health offices. You need to move about campuses to attend meetings, assist students, observe learning and give presentations. Sometimes, you need to meet outside school settings with public health professionals, healthcare providers, parent groups and politicians.

According to the estimation of BLS, the employment for school nurses may grow by 26 percent through 2020. However, some schools are eliminating these positions due to poor budget. However, even if there are few opportunities at schools, you can find employment in other settings if you are highly talented. The work environment is not challenging or stressful. So, older nurses are seeking employment in schools.