TopNursingSchoolsMiami offers plenty of options for nursing schools, and you can find some of the finest as featured in this list. With the great weather, excellent location and various programs available in these schools, you have more reasons to take up a nursing program in Miami. So, to assist you in making your choice, we present to you the top 10 nursing schools in Miami to take up your studies. Check out valuable pieces of information about each including estimated cost of tuition, nursing programs, and other interesting facts you might want to know.

Here are the top 10 nursing schools in Miami

1. University of Miami

Coral Gables, Florida

The University of Miami is a non-profit school that is situated in Coral Gables, just near Miami. This medium-sized school features a range of disciplines and courses, including nursing programs. Established in 1925, the school has 8 programs in the College of Nursing, and these are master’s, bachelor’s, doctoral and certificate programs.

The different nursing programs (majors) offered include Bachelor’s Degree in Registered Nursing, Master’s Degree in Registered Nursing, Nurse Anesthetist, Family Practice Nurse, Critical Care Nursing, Nursing Midwifery, Doctoral Degree in Nursing Science and Nursing Practice, as well as a Post-Master’s Certificate in Registered Nursing.

Tuition Fee: $45,000

2. Dade Medical College in Miami

Miami, Florida

Miami Dade College has a Medical Department that features various programs in the field of nursing. This public college was founded in 1959, and it is based in Miami. Presently, it is the top 12 finest nursing school in Florida, as of 2015. At least 3 nursing programs are offered in the school such as Associate’s, Bachelor’s and Certificates. In terms of economical value, the fees in this college are relatively cheaper, although it still depends on what program you are taking. What’s more, the school is renowned for its safety and outstanding rating for security on-campus.

Several programs offered in the College of Nursing include an Associate’s Degree in Registered Nursing, Maternal, Child Health and Neonatal Nurse, Certificate for Licensed Practical and Vocational Nurse Training, Bachelor’s Degree in Registered Nursing.

Tuition Fee: $13,000

3. Mattia College

Miami, Florida

Situated in Miami, Mattia College is another fine option to consider for those who are looking to take up nursing as a career. The quality of education and training offered in the school are fairly high, which makes it a solid institution to complete a course. The different nursing programs available at Mattia College are RN to BSN degree completion program, Practical Nursing Program, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and AS in Nursing.

Tuition Fee: N/A

4. Mercy Hospital

Miami Florida

For individuals who are planning on taking up a career in the nursing field, or those who are looking to expand their skills in nursing may consider studying a program offered at Mercy Hospital. A Miami-based institution, there are nursing programs featured in this school, wich gives potential students a wide selection of courses to study. Various programs currently offered at the Mercy Hospital include Practical Nursing, Associate Degree in Nursing, LPN to RN (Associate of Science Program). These programs are all accredited by the ACEN.

Tuition Fee: N/A

5. Florida International University

Miami, Florida

A public college situated in Miami, the Florida International University offers several courses in a range of disciplines, which also include nursing programs. The school is a very large one, and it was established in 1972. Three nursing programs are available in this university such as certificate’s, doctoral, master’s and bachelor’s degree. As for the tuition fee in this school, it is fairly affordable at $19,000 annually. As of 2015, the school is ranked as the top 10 best in Florida.

Moreover, the university offers accredited programs that are recognized by the CCNE. Several programs offered in the school include PhD in Nursing, Nursing Administration, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Adult Nurse Practitioner, RN to BSN Track Program, Family Nurse Practitioner, Anesthesiology Nursing, and Pediatric Nurse Practitioner.

Tuition Fee: $19,000

6. Florida National University

Another suitable option to consider for a nursing school is the Florida National University. This is a for-profit college with a small population, thus providing students with individualized attention and training. The university was established in 1982, and there are 4 nursing programs available such as bachelor’s, associate’s degree and certificate program. The cost of studying in the university is quite reasonable at about $15,000, although this is still based on the program you are taking up. Safety is also another excellent quality of this school, as its level of security is higher than in other universities.

Nursing programs offered at the school include a Bachelor’s Degree in Registered Nursing, Associate’s Degree in Clinical Nursing, Registered Nursing, Nursing Administration, Certificate in Licensed Practical and Vocational Nurse Training, Nursing Assistant, Aide and Patient Care Assistant.

Tuition Fee: $15,000

7. Florida Atlantic University

Boca Raton, Florida

The Florida Atlantic University is based in Boca Raton, just a few distances from Miami. It is a public college with a large population, and it offers nursing programs along with several other disciplines of study. Established in 1961, the school continues to provide academic excellence and training to students as during its inception. The tuition fee is economical in terms of value, and it currently ranks as the 6th best nursing school in Florida.

Among the different nursing majors available include a Bachelor’s Degree in Registered Nursing, Doctoral Degree in Nursing Science, Nursing Practice, Master’s Degree in Registered Nursing.

Tuition Fee: $17,000

8. Keiser University

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

A non-profit college nearby Miami, Keiser University is based in Fort Lauderdale, in Florida. Various courses are available in the school, including nursing programs such as a bachelor’s and associate’s degree, both in the Registered Nursing program. The school was founded in 1977, and it continues to deliver the same level of training and education to students to make them highly competent in their career.

The programs offered in the Nursing Department at the school include a Bachelor’s Degree in Registered Nursing and Associate’s Degree in Registered Nursing. As of 2015, the school is ranked as top 13 finest nursing school in Florida.

Tuition Fee: $18,000

9. Barry University

Miami, Florida

A Catholic university with a relatively small population, Barry University is a non-profit school that offers numerous fields of study including nursing. The school was first established in 1940, and it features 10 nursing programs in the bachelor’s, doctoral, and master’s degree. As for the cost of studying in this school, it is quite expensive as it can amount to at least $32,000 per year. However, the tuition still depends on the program or course you are taking up.

Nursing majors available at the school include Bachelor’s Degree program in Registered Nursing, Nursing Education, Doctoral Degree in Nursing Administration, Nursing Practice, Master’s Degree in Clinical Nurse Leader, Nurse Anesthetist, Nursing Education, Critical Care Nursing, Adult Health Nursing, Nursing Administration.

Tuition Fee: $32,000

10. SABER College

Miami, Florida

Making its way in this list of the top nursing schools based in Miami, SABER College is another good option to consider for potential nursing students. It is a non-profit college with a very small population to ensure individualized attention to learners. Relatively new in the industry, the college was established in 1991. There are presently two nursing programs available such as associate’s degree and certificates. Safety in the campus is also impressive due to the high level of security provided by the school. Among the different programs available include an Associate’s Degree in Registered Nursing.

Tuition Fee: N/A